Viewing files attached to issues

Added by m p over 14 years ago

Hi Guys,

I see one can upload a file as an attachment to an issue.
is there a way for these files to be listed under the project documents or files.

Thank you

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RE: Viewing files attached to issues - Added by James Byrne over 14 years ago

I added a file to an issue and now I cannot find it anywhere in the project wiki. I do not see any reference to its existence on the issue itself and there is no entry for that fie under either the files or documents tab. And, if I search of it I cannot find it.

It appears to me that attaching a file to an issue has absolutely no effect at all.

So, what am I doing wrong?

RE: Viewing files attached to issues - Added by James Byrne over 14 years ago

Never mind. The file is question was locked so that it never was uploaded. Did not raise an error though or tell me that I could not select it for upload. The only thing that I now realize indicated a problem is that the add button did not appear the first time I tried to upload it.

However, it would probably be a lot more useful if the add button was present but 'greyed' to indicate some sort of difficulty. Better yet, an exception message.

To expect every possible user to know or remember that there should be an add button is placing too much of a burden on the user. One may also 'add' several files at once. Noticing that some of them required an add action while others did not would only seem significant later when the files were missed. When one adds only one file one does not even get that amount of information. At that time the originals might not be retrievable.