Assistance with visualizing the org structure of REDMINE...

Added by Lenny Burns over 10 years ago

I am curious if somone can clearly descibe the organizational structure of the REDMINE logic.

For example, Is it that Projects contain bugs and bugs contain issues,patches and resolutions,etc.?

I need to use REDMINE to track somthing other than "bugs" and i know it will work, but it would be helpful to know how it's organized so I can plug in the objects i'm tracking into the right place.

I am unsure if I need to make each object im tracking a "project" and then use the layers under that, or should I open a project for the whole "real project' and then repurpose the objects under each layer of organization from there.

Is this making sense?

I would LOVE to see something akin to the typice corporate org-chart, or a flow chart.