How to configure Redmine smtp to make it work ?

Added by Slawek O over 14 years ago

Hello there,
I have FC5 and I'm using exim as smtp server.
I having problems with sending email with Redmine it requires login authentication, I have smtp server on the same server which runs redmine, but it only authenticate requests from outside and over tls for safety. I do not authenticate localhost because cron script would not be able to work.

Redmine do not authenticate over tls .

SO it is vicious circle. I would have to configure smtp server on second machine with login authentication without tls especialy for redmine. I cannot use google apps because in redmine you have to put IP of smtp server and tls cannot be used.

I would like to send email from redmine over local smtp without authentication. Is it possible ?

Does anybody have a sollution ?

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RE: How to configure Redmine smtp to make it work ? - Added by Thomas Lecavelier over 14 years ago

Many have done that. Just search this forum for thread pointing to a TLS guide: it's just a plugin to add with 2.0, and two files to alter plus plugin for 1.2.6.