receiving mails and watchers problem

Added by Maik Wigand over 14 years ago

First some information's about the environment:

openSUSE 11.0 (X86-64)
ruby 1.8.6 (2008-03-03 patchlevel 114) [x86_64-linux]
  • LOCAL GEMS ***
    actionmailer (2.3.5, 2.3.4)
    actionpack (2.3.5, 2.3.4)
    activerecord (2.3.5, 2.3.4)
    activeresource (2.3.5, 2.3.4)
    activesupport (2.3.5, 2.3.4)
    builder (2.1.2)
    camping (1.5.180)
    cgi_multipart_eof_fix (2.5.0)
    daemons (1.0.10)
    fastthread (1.0.7)
    fcgi (0.8.7)
    gem_plugin (0.2.3)
    hoe (2.3.3)
    hoe-seattlerb (1.2.1)
    json_pure (1.1.9)
    login_generator (1.2.2)
    markaby (0.5)
    memcache-client (1.7.5)
    metaid (1.0)
    minitest (1.4.2)
    mongrel (1.1.5)
    mysql (2.8.1)
    rack (1.0.1)
    rails (2.3.5, 2.3.4)
    rake (0.8.7)
    ruby-openid (2.0.4)
    rubyforge (2.0.3)
    rubygems-update (1.3.5)
    session (2.4.0)
    sources (0.0.1)
    test-spec (0.10.0)

Using webbrick as webserver. There is no plugin or theme used.
Mail Job:
rake --trace redmine:email:receive_imap RAILS_ENV="production" host=myhost port=993 ssl=1 username=mymailadress password=mypassword project=myproject tracker=Bug status=New priority=Normal unknown_user=accept no_permission_check=1 move_on_failure=INBOX.failed

This week we upgraded from Redmine version 0.8.4 to 0.9.2 because of improved mail support.
--> Accept emails from anyone on a private project - Just what I need.
--> Remove incoming email body via a delimiter - Nice to have :-)

After a couple of tests the setup works. We can send mails from anonymous users and issues will be created.
Currently, it is not possible to add the anonymous user to the watchers. Only if the "unknown_user=create" option is set, the user who sends the issue will get a mail.

Now the problem: If someone (User with system account) sends an issue by mail and sets someone else to CC or/and TO, only the sender will get an "Issue created" mail. Other users from the TO/CC field get no mails. I tested it with existing users with full access and anonymous, but no success. The permissions are also O.K.
I checked the forum and the tickets for related problems, but found nothing.

Now some questions:
1. Is it scheduled to add a custom field for sending mails to watchers? Like a list for every project/user containing all mail addresses sent from the receiving mail address and/or manually added addresses.
So the guy who is responsible for the new tickets can add custom mail addresses and add them to the issue.
I don't want to create a new account for every sender. I know, the "unknown_user=create" option exists, but there are too many users reporting only one or two times but the system will grow and we can’t delete the users. Currently the Admin must unlock the new user, which is also a "problem".
2. Are there some plans to add anonymous users as watchers?
3. If it is not possible to create a "custom" field for mails from watchers:
Is it possible to give a user the right's for adding users for his project? We have a couple of projects and customers who will track issues and we want to give them the rights to manage their own "reporters". Most of the reporters just want to write a mail and they don’t want to "sign in" manually.
There is a option inside "Roles and permissions" ( "Project" --> "Manage members"), but without Administrator rights I can’t find the management interface like "Administration".

P.S.: Please update the option switches from on

General options:
  unknown_user=ACTION      how to handle emails from an unknown user
                           ACTION can be one of the following values:
                           ignore: email is ignored (default)
                           accept: accept as anonymous user
                           create: create a user account
  no_permission_check=1    disable permission checking when receiving
                           the email

Thanks a lot!

Best Regards