Export Redmine Views (embed into mother homepage)

Added by c CC over 12 years ago

Hey folks,
we are using Redmine to coordinate the users of out Charity Project www.donaid.de
We use a CMS (ModX, PHP) for the news publishing, info pages etc., but we really love using redmine to put up issues.
We basically collect money from our users and we decide where to donate the money to, everything inside redmine using Issues and a Voting plugin.

Now we use that two pages, separated from each other, but we really would like to embed redmine into the mother homepage somehow. Would you suggest any kind of approach here? I mean, I'd really like to use Redmine's Issues view for example, but keep the header of the main page (and throw away the Redmine menu)

Same thing for the Wiki and the Forums.
Can anybody help please? C'mon, it's for charity.... :)

Page: www.donaid.de
Redmine: redmine.donaid.de