Problem with mylyn, I follow "HowTo connect a Mylyn repository to Redmine" wiki and query result show nothing.

Added by Praphan Theeravanvilai almost 16 years ago

My config are
Redmine 0.72, Ruby 1.8.6 on Windows XP SP2
Elipse 3.4, Mylyn 3.0 with Web Template Conector.
My project is 'Compiler'
Server: http://localhost:3000
Task URL: ${serverUrl}/issues/show/
New task URL: ${serverUrl}/projects/compiler/issues/new
Query request URL: ${serverUrl}/issues [GET]
Query pattern: <td class="subject">.*?<a href="/issues/show/(\d+)">(.+?)</a></td>
Login request URL: ${serverUrl}/login?username=${userId}&password=${password} [POST]
When I add the query, I check by click OPEN button in Advanced Configuration, it's show correct page.
If I save the page source and search in my editor with regular expression, it's found.
When I click preview, it shows 'No matching results. Check query regexp', same when I close which show nothing.
Please help
Thanks in advanced