Setting up LDAP authentication with on-the-fly user creation

Added by Leons Petrazickis over 14 years ago


I'm trying to set up LDAP with on-fly-user user creation. I've created a connection which tests successfully, but when I try to login I get this error:

Invalid user or password

It's configured as follows:

Login: mail
Firstname: givenName
Lastname: sn
Email: mail

When I ldapsearch for the same user, this is some of the information that is returned:

sn: Petrazickis
givenName: Leons
givenName: L.
hrFirstName: LEONS

I've tried various arrangements of the fields to no effect. Roughly the same LDAP config is working for Trac.

What can I do next? Are there settings to twiddle, things to log, debug info to trace, etc?


Leons Petrazickis
Software Developer, IBM