How to attach files to an issue using REST API?

Added by Chrisitian Noack almost 13 years ago

You can use the REST API to create an issue. From the command line it looks like this:

echo '<issue><project_id>project-01</project_id><subject>test1</subject><description>desc1</description><category_id>1</category_id></issue>' | \
curl -X POST -H 'Content-type: text/xml' \
-H 'Accept: text/xml' -d @- http://localhost:3000/projects/project-01/issues/create?format=xml\&key=1234ab56ef453238392938492839

But how do I add an attachment (e.g. a screenshot) using REST API when creating an issue of when updating it? Whan would the xml-stucture be, what encoding do I have to use for the binary data?

Any hints? Best regards,