Revert Forums and Documents Back to Previous Look?

Added by Jennifer P over 13 years ago

Last month we upgraded Redmine to the new version. While there were no bugs, there were some changes to the interface that have made us less efficient.

1. The Documents window (now 20 pages long with its expanded descriptions) must now be browsed by Firefox's search feature because otherwise it takes forever to find the doc you're looking for.

2. Dividing the forum threads up into pages makes it slower and more difficult to review pictures/follow links that were stored on previous pages of the thread. (Which page was that post on again...2, 3, 4?) It also makes it more difficult to summarize/delete the content of old threads when they're finished (a process which involves much jumping back and forth between old posts and new ones).

So, does anyone know how to downgrade to the old version or work around these problems? I guess they won't kill us, but life was certainly before. :)