Best practice for migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL

Added by Torsten Lang over 14 years ago

we're using Redmine for some time now and have hit the 64K limit for Wiki page contents (we're using MySQL as database). Since there is only an inofficial patch by now I would prefer to migrate to PostgreSQL instead of applying a patch that may collide with the next update.

What I found out during my research in various forums is that the dump and import mechanisms of the database packages are incompatible, so there is no simple way for migration. In general there are floating around some skripts e. g. for Rails that can do this migration but I would like to know if Redmine itself brings along some suitable scripts for this job.

My research in the Redmine forums and help only lead me to howtos for migrating from other bug trackers to Redmine but I found no help for switching/migrating the database backend (perhaps I only used the wrong terms in my search...

Any ideas/help would be appreciated.

With kind regards,
Torsten Lang