Gantt Filters not working

Added by E M over 11 years ago

Please see issue

_If you log on the demo server ( and go to the overall Gantt Chart (projects -> view all issues -> Gantt), you can see the Gantt (truncated) for all projects.

Now if you click "add filter", select "Project" and choose any project, then click "Apply", the updated Gantt chart does not filter anything. It still shows all the projects.

Furthermore, clicking on the drop down "+" and doing a multiple selection in the list does not filter for these choices either.

It seems that other filters are not working either. For example, if you choose to filter for assignee and select one, the resulting Gantt is modified but does not seem to filter for the proper user.

This function is crucial for our installation to be able to filter for multiple/single projects and for assignee._

It seems that the filtering of Gantt charts is not working at all. Am I doing something wrong or this is an issue no one noticed?

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RE: Gantt Filters not working - Added by Anonymous over 11 years ago

I noticed this problem after searching the issues with a custom query. After I went back to the issues tab and cleared the query, the Gantt filters started working.