How can I toss bugs between testers and developers?

Added by Anonymous over 14 years ago

All right, we have a group of testers (2) and a group of developers (3). For issues, we'd like a way to communicate between the groups, not individuals. That is, if a developer need more information, he just sets a ticket to feedback and requests the info from Testers. The right tester finds the bug, and gives the developer more info.

I know it should be on an individual basis (Joe finds a bug, reports, Ben and Joe work together on bug), but the group of testers has other responsibilities in the company, and work strange hours. E.g.: Tester 1 can be available for bug testing from 6am-12pm, Tester 2 can be in from 10am-6pm. You never know who will be available that day, so we can't send a feedback request to Tester 1 assuming he will be in and ready to respond. We need to just send a bug feedback requester to Testers, so that the one who is available can quickly get back to us.

How can it be done?