Segfaults with

Added by Matthias Lohr over 12 years ago


I've Redmine 1.2.1 installed on Ubuntu 11.04. The first setup worked without any problems (I've 3 other redmine instances running on different servers).

Now i wanted to use the Redmine module for apache to authenticate Git/SVN requests. Now, everytime i run 'apache2ctl configtest' i get a segfault:

Oct  1 09:51:15 aaa kernel: [77473.184052] apache2[23249]: segfault at 7f9262256c40 ip 00007f9262256c40 sp 00007fffa451edf8 error 14 in[7f9264f6d000+c000]
Oct  1 09:51:23 aaa kernel: [77480.912374] apache2[23256]: segfault at 7f5a9da93c40 ip 00007f5a9da93c40 sp 00007fffc8de1968 error 14 in[7f5aa07aa000+c000]

If i uncomment the line with PerlLoadModule Apache::Redmine (and RedmineDSN, ...) it works again without problems.

Any idea what has to do with libnss_files?

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Matthias Lohr