Import from CSV Rake

Added by Matt Gillette almost 14 years ago

I've seen the import scripts for Trac & Mantis. However, I'm looking for something to import from a CSV file. Would it be possible for someone to put something together for me which could import from a CSV file into Redmine? Or at least point me in the right direction? I am not a Ruby guy, so I can't create anything from scratch. However, I would be able to alter a script as needed.

I also have another question: Is it possible to import into an active Redmine database, or does it have to be a fresh install?

For example, my CSV has these columns:
State (Active/Closed)
Assigned To (username)
Closed Date (self-explanatory)
Closed By (username)
Issue Type (Bug/Task)
Title (issue title)
Description (issue description)

Hopefully some with Ruby knowledge will realize this could be an important start for a CSV Import tool, and can be used for others in the future.

MUCH thanks in advance!