Remote darcs repository

Added by Greg Green over 13 years ago


I just started using redmine for my projects and so far I like it very much.
I am using darcs for version control, and although things are working nicely with local repositories I find that it is not possible to have redmine use a remote repository, of the form
user@host:path/to/repo (accessible over ssh)
(the message I get on the redmine page is "The entry or revision was not found in the repository.")

I realize that this may not be even possible (due to darcs) but then I have the problem that in order to give someone commit access I have to give him ssh access which is something I don't like.
The setup is on shared hosting, I can have many ssh accounts (e.g. for each developer) but I still don't know how to share a directory.
I guess one solution would be to have a separate account per project where everybody commits, and then have a cron job to pull from that repo...

I would be grateful for any thoughts/pointers.