Internal Server Error on Setting Committers

Added by Carsten Schurig over 13 years ago


when I try to map unknown SVN users to Redmine users, I always get an "500 Internal Server Error" on submitting.

One strange thing i noticed: the list of SVN users has an empty entry (actually an empty <td /> is created). I suppose this could be a big problem on submitting something to the database. Our subversion repository evolved from an imported CVS repos with some additional former independent SVN repos merged into it (relocation on import using svndamin load). So there might be quite a few inconsistencies on old user information (which I actually do not care to much about).

For an easy solution I would suggest the following: just drop empty entries. On the committers setup page I would post a message, that emtpy user entries exist and else ignore them completely.

Should I create a ticket or is this just something important for my installation?