Migrate acceptance-of-issues-pattern to Redmine

Added by Jonatan Magnusson about 10 years ago


At my company we have today a couple of Trac instances running. A common workflow is this:

  • Someone creates a new issue, perhaps a support request from a client
  • He or she "assigns" the issue to someone responsible for the client or whatever
  • The assigned user "accepts" the issue and starts working on it

This way the original creator can see that the assigned user has read the issue and accepted the assignment. And all users can get a list of issues that are assigned to them but that they have not yet accepted, with the goal of having no open accepted issues in their list. When the ticket is reassigned to someone else the accepted-status is set false.

This behavior is default in Trac, but does not seem possible with Redmine. I guess one workaround would be to add a boolean custom field called "Accepted" to issues and let users check and uncheck it. But I'm not sure there's a way to uncheck it when reassigning a ticket or make it uncheckable by users other than the assignee.

Do you know of any better way, or perhaps a better workflow more suited for Redmine? We are willing to adapt new workflows, but we must not lose the functionality described above.