Creating tickets from e-mail with on-the-fly user creation from LDAP

Added by Wiebe Cazemier about 8 years ago


I'm setting up our Redmine to make tickets from incoming e-mails. The problem is in people mailing in that don't have an account yet.

When a person logs in for the first time, the account is created on the fly with the LDAP settings (getting the data from the Active Directory). The problem is, rdm-mailhandler doesn't do this, and still creates a user with the e-mail address as username.

Would it be a good idea to let rdm-mailhandler use the LDAP settings to search that e-mail address and create a user based on the 'login' field specfied in the LDAP settings (like sAMAccountName)?

I don't really know how else to solve this issue.