how to set what the whatcher set the fixed status ?

Added by Alexey Lustin over 13 years ago

hello and my respects to developers and to all community

what i meen: (for example)

  • i have many projects and many user
  • i have one subproject "Customer feature support" with tracker task and his workflow: new -> assigned -> doned -> accepted by customer

then i have user on portal "Vasya Pupkin" - who was had a role "Manager" for this subproject "Customer feature support"

role Manager have permission to set the statuses new -> assigned -> doned, and have permission to set the watcher to the ticket

in reality there are two questions

  1. how to set in the tracker workflow what only watcher had a permission to set the status accepted by customer ?
  2. how to set watcher if he is the portal user, but did't member of subproject "Customer feature support" ?

is the any ideas how to create this in Redmine ?