rest api: time tracking entries per user

Added by Thorsten Winter over 8 years ago


I Need a time tracking Feature for an own development and read about the time tracking possibilities in redmine.

In other words: I am thinking about reusing the redmine time tracking functionality via redmine rest api in other web application.

I read about the possibilities to track spent times related to issues and users.
But in my Scenario I Need to track times for Projects (perhabs I use the issues as normal Project Tasks) per different users.

Is it possible to get the spent times per user via rest api?

I read that I can only fetch time entries for Project or issue.

E.G. I have two users working in same Project. Is it possible to get the times per user via redmine rest api or other Interface? Or is it possible to divide the Response of redmine api call into times per user?

I hope we found a solution.

Kind regards and thanks

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RE: rest api: time tracking entries per user - Added by Yaroslav Tomsky 4 months ago

If anyone is searching for it today, you may use parameters such as user_id, project_id, spent_on etc.