How to change costume fields sql query.

Added by Anadolu Yazılım about 10 years ago


I use zapier to send sms to users when a new created. I want to make it easy for users. To do so; i created a custom field in USER section which is named MOBILE, user writes his/her phone number in this field.

I also created a custom field on ISSUES section. This custom field brings user list to ISSUES. User list custom field as you know is default redmine feature in ISSUES section.
So here is my question; i want user list custom field feature to bring user MOBILE numbers which i created field on users accounts page together with user names.
I checked apps-models-custom_field.rb however no luck. I could not find a solution.
I think inner join sql query solves my problem but i do not know how to do it, actually i do not know which file contains this queries for costume field user list.

What are your suggestions?