Dyanmic IP / URL repository

Added by Davide Zipeto almost 11 years ago

Hi All,

I installed redmine on a remote linux box which I can access via SSH from my developement machine. I have the repository in my dev machine and I am setting up this variable, in the remote box, to get the current URL of the repository:

newrep=https://`echo $SSH_CLIENT | cut -d \ -f 1`:8443/svn/DreamingItaly

So at the end I've in the newrep the new URL location of the repository [forgot to tell you that I am using a dynamic IP otherwise it would have been a shorter story]. In this way I can switch --relocate in case the URL changes from my remote working folder.

Is there possible to setup this trick also in redmine repository location ? I.E. Would be possible to pass a variable that is dynamically computed about the location of the repository ?


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RE: Dyanmic IP / URL repository - Added by Georg Leciejewski almost 11 years ago

I'm having a similar issue, with the relocation of an svn repo. I had to change the ip of the existing one and now i'm kinda stuck and dont know what happens when i setup a new repo.

Would appreciate any hints of how to acomplish this.