Copying categories between projects.

Added by Martin Freiberger over 12 years ago

In our company we want to use Redmine. One "not so nice" thing is, that we need about three dozend Categories (About 5 "big" categories and a lot of sub-categories) and that we often need to create subprojects.
At the moment i seems to me that for every subproject i need to input the whole list of categories every time i create a new subproject.
Is there a way to copy these categories from one (sub-)project into another? Maybe on SQL-Level or something?

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RE: Copying categories between projects. - Added by sebastián scarano over 12 years ago

Yes, I kind of need that functionality too...

It would also be nice to have some global categories, because in fact we use the same categories for all of our projects...

by the way, in which version has it been implemented the subcategories functionality, righ now I'm using redmine-0.7.3...