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Added by Leonardo Giordani about 13 years ago

Hi all,

I'm totally new of Redmine: first of all thank you for this very good product!
I'm running Redmine 0.8.3 on a Kubuntu 8.04 (a little confusing install process since I have no knowledge of Ruby).

I introduced Redmine in a already established development environment, so I'm trying to understand if all the practices of the latter can be implemented in Redmine.

I'm managing a project at work in three different versions, one of which is the current development one. This version has some functions (i.e. the functionalities I want in the final release) which are being developed.

Once all the functions of the "development" version are completed the version changes from a development status to a testing status, Release Candidate 1, for example. When the first testing status has been completed the version changes status to Release Candidate 2, or whatever else.

Is there a way to express this in Redmine, perhaps in a future version if not in this very one?
Some of you experiencing the same need?

Thank you very much in advance

Leonardo Giordani

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RE: Version "status" - Added by Brad Beattie about 13 years ago

Not yet, but the topic is certainly in discussion (#1245)