Some how got two Anonymous roles

Added by Cheyenne Wills almost 5 years ago

One of the other folks that helps with the administration of our redmine system noticed that we have two "Anonymous" roles.

Looking at the roles table in the database they are identical except for the record id (2 and 32 in our case). Continuing to poke around the only other spot where I could find the the role_id was in the workflow table --
did a search with role_id in (2,32).

Q1, is the harmless?
Q2, would it be possible to UPDATE workflow SET role_id = 2 WHERE role_id = 32 / then delete the 32 record from the roles table?

Not quite sure how we got two of them, (maybe one of the admin folks might have accidentally clicked on "Copy" from the "Roles" administration page?).

Thanks in advance