Agile plugin will display 403 error when pressing edit button

Added by Susan Kao over 3 years ago

Hi all,
I using the Agile plugin which provided by RedmineUP.
I encounter a problem that when I press edit or delete button, there will display 403 error even I have all permissions in Agile section.
Is anything wrong with my setting?

Here's my role permission of agile section
permission setting of agile plugin

We can see edit & delete button on public board
edit & delete button

after pressing those 2 buttons will display 403 error
403 error

2018-02-22_15h39_57.png - permission setting of agile plugin (48.7 KB)

2018-02-22_15h42_13.png - edit & delete button (141 KB)

2018-02-22_15h46_12.png - 403 error (28.5 KB)