Redmine for training competencies

Added by Daniel Brench over 2 years ago

Hi all,

We've just added Redmine to our hospital department and I am looking at a potential next step in using it, however I am unsure (as a complete beginner to Redmine) as to whether it would be possible.

I am looking to replace our currently training/authorisation system which is currently based on a Foswiki system. I am looking for a system that works as follows:
- Each user has their own page which contains the list of training competencies (each with a drop down menu listing levels of competency i.e. not trained, trained, trained to check others)
- On submitting changes to their specific page, designated admin users are notified and are able to approve or reject the changes that have been made
- When approved, each competency can be viewed with it's own table showing each user and their respective levels of competency (instead of having to go through each individual user to find out who is trained to do something)
- the ability to add new and edit existing competency lists

Is this something that could be achieved using Redmine? Any suggestions on how we could make this work would be much appreciated as it would be useful to incorporate it into the systems we already have.