group assignment and group notification

Added by jeffrey pasman over 1 year ago

To all,

does anybody know if its is possible to add a certain "watcher group" to the watchers list?
and is it then also possible that this group only receives a notification if there is any update made by anybody of this group?

for example:
  • in our company we have a division called "field service" all the engineers from this division will be in the group field-service.
  • if an engineer from the group "field-service" creates a new NCR and adds the group "fieldservice" to the watch list, the whole group would get a notification.
  • only if somebody from this group makes any update to this NCR, the whole group "fieldservcie" will get a notification, this group don't want to get any notifications, if somebody on the watchers list (apart from the fieldservice group) makes any update on this NCR.

is this function possible in Redmine?

Many thanks for your help!