Can't delete objects on Safari

Added by cera wulii over 1 year ago


I recently upgraded my redmine installation to v3.4.6.stable.17629. I encounter a very peculiar problem:
when trying to delete an object (e.g. a wiki page, an issue), and when on Safari (no such problem on firefox), I don't get the popup that asks me to confirm the deletion. As a consequence, redmine seems to hang and no link in the page works anymore, unless I refresh the whole page, which in turn cancels my 'delete' attempt.

What makes this very mysterious to me is that:

  1. it cannot be a popup pb in my local Safari setup because I do get popups from redmine in other circumstances like when adding watchers to an issue, or when entering a new code review with the code review plugin;
  2. on my older redmine installation (quite old indeed: 2.5.2.stable.13446), with the exact same Safari setup, I do get the deletion-confirmation popups;
  3. it's not related to a potential flawed CSS form (I have a theme customized after 'Modula Mojito', and after the upgrade I had to further adapt it a bit) because I have the same pb when using the default redmine theme;
  4. as said, I don't have any such pb on Firefox, nor Chrome. Solely Safari (v12.0.1, on MacOS 10.13.6).

I tried to debug this in the code, but I'm not a ruby on rails expert and couldn't really understand how these popups are actually triggered. I also didn't find anything like an error/warning message in the logs that could have hinted me to the actual problem.

Any idea?