Showing only projects and subprojects (no tickets) in Gantt

Added by Stefanie Nordmann over 1 year ago

Dear community,

I want to optimize my work with Redmine's Gantt-Chart and I need help. I want to display an overview of projects and subprojects. When I set the filter for desired projects the corresponding ticktes are shown although I did not choose "Status".

There are various departments as projects and missions as subprojects. "Department A" has subprojects "Mission A1", "Mission A2", "Mission A3". All subprojects have X tickets. "Department 2" has subprojects "Mission B1", "Mission B2", "Mission B3". All subprojects have X tickets. And so on. Every ticket has start and end filled in.

Can the Gantt-Chart show projects ("departments") and subprojects ("missions") based on filled in starting and ending? Can the Gantt-Chart only show projects and subprojects with their estimated duration without showing the tickets?

Thank you so much for your time and reading! Your suggestions are highly appreciated.