Issues created via rdm-mailhandler.rb script. Is it possible to have redmine create new users for mails in the CC if they don't exist?

Added by Jesus Urrabieta about 1 year ago

Hi there,

I'm using rdm-mailhandler.rb script to add issues for a project. Everything works fine except for one little thing.

The issue is that all emails come from the same email (something like ) with the original issue creator user being copied in the CC.

When we create issues this way I have noticed that the CC user is added as a Watcher for the issue if the email has already an existing user in the redmine database, but it is ignored otherwise.

I know that for the actual email originator the script has an option to indicate how you want it to proceed when encountering unknown users. From
User and permissions options:
--unknown-user ACTION how to handle emails from an unknown user
ACTION can be one of the following values: * ignore: email is ignored (default) * accept: accept as anonymous user * create: create a user account

I would like for a similar option or behaviour for the users in the CC...

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.