Custom fields List or Key/Value List

Added by Tobias Scherf about 5 years ago

Hi all. I have a specific use-case in which I need to be able to store a specific value with a custom field selection.
Ultimately, we have established a custom list at this point which has:

Value4 ...

When the user selects any of these as part of an issue, the database stores the actual selection, which is also accessible via API.

What we really want to be able to do is the following:

Value Label
1553 Value1
1558 Value2
2557 Value3
3476 Value4

What the users sees in the drop down list in the issue is Value1, Value2, ... and the database stores 1553, 1558, ... or both.
Then, when we query via the API we get back the actual numeric value for the selection and not the label.

Is this currently possibly via Redmine and if so, how would we set this up?

Thanks for any help.