Issue creation via email works, updating issues does not?

Added by aus ghostdog over 1 year ago

Hi all,
I have redmine receiving emails via imap setup, at present new tasks can be created via email with no issue. If we want to update an issue via email it does not work. Some examples

An email sent with the following syntax works to crate the issue

email subject is new test task
Project: test
Tracker: Activity
Assignee: user1

Some information on the task

Can see on the server the task is created

This works fine no issues.

If a new email is sent that has the following syntax
subject of [#8492]
Body of email contains
Assignee: user2

Nothing change, the assignee name is still that which was set in the first email.

No other items can be change via an update email to a task. Is there something else we need to do or change?