file attachment authentication 401 Error

Added by dongjin Son almost 2 years ago

The redmine that was in good use suddenly appears when the file is attached and requires authentication.
Even if I put in all the relevant accounts, I'm not going to skip them.
If you look at the related logs, they fall like this, but I don't know what the problem is.
Do you have a solution?

Started POST "/uploads.js?attachment_id=1&filename=DSClient.trc&content_type=" for at 2019-03-04 16:30:12 +0900
INFO -- : Processing by AttachmentsController#upload as JS
INFO -- : Parameters: {"attachment_id"=>"1", "filename"=>"DSClient.trc", "content_type"=>""}
INFO -- : Filter chain halted as :authorize_global rendered or redirected
INFO -- : Completed 401 Unauthorized in 8ms (ActiveRecord: 2.2ms)

authentication.JPG (20.6 KB)