[SOLVED] New member window won't show.

Added by Mike Prza 10 months ago

- Operating system: Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)
- Ruby-aware server used: Apache2

Redmine version 4.0.3.stable
Ruby version 2.4.4-p296 (2018-03-28) [armv7l-linux-eabihf]
Rails version
Environment production
Database adapter Mysql2
Mailer queue ActiveJob::QueueAdapters::AsyncAdapter
Mailer delivery smtp
Subversion 1.9.5
Redmine plugins:
no plugin installed

What doesn't work:
New member window in "project->settings->members->+ new member" won't show up, only small "Loading..." window for a second and then nothing.
The same happens in "Administation->Users-><user>->Projects->+ Add Project".
That means i can't add users as members to projects and assign roles.

What works:
I can add users as members to project editing database and afterwards all works fine.
I can right click "+ new member" or "+ Add Project" and select "Open link in new tab", then it shows content of window that should popup on new page and i can add members/projects.
Similar internal window is used to select Search for watchers to add in new issue tab and it works correctly.

Any idea what is goin on and how to fix it (it's fresh redmine installation)?

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RE: New member window won't show. - Added by Mike Prza 10 months ago

First checks were done on Ubuntu 16.04 Chrom and Firefox browsers and it didn't work.
I just checked on new network and new computer with Chrome browser under Windows 10 and it's working fine, might be network (browser) proxy problem will check that later and give feedback.

RE: New member window won't show. - Added by Mike Prza 9 months ago


My client system is using proxy when the problem occurs, if i'm not using proxy or if i change "use system proxy" to "no proxy" in my browser settings everything works fine.

Solution is to properly configure client side proxy, misleading was that almost all redmine requests worked fine on client side except for those from "+ new member" and "+ add project" (probably different functionality on redmine side).