Attachement file for wiki page is not being upload with the Rest API

Added by Aaron Dasani about 1 year ago

I wrote a script that take in a document and convert it into a string and send it to redmine as a wiki page. THIS WORKED GREAT.

NOW, I am trying to attach a file to it and the wiki page is being created and uploaded with the expected text, however, the attach file is not being sent.

And the weird thing is, I am not getting an error saying it is not being sent. I am actually getting a 201 response for the post request of the attach file, which is good but I am not seeing the file attach in the wiki page.

I am also receiving a token, so you can see why I am so confuse.

I will provide my code in the file. Any help would be much appreciated.

I am a JSON guy.

ApiSnippet.js - My Script for the api request (1.6 KB)