Can't create issue in redmine after fresh install

Added by Ajay Dham about 1 year ago

Hi Team,

Please bare with me as I'm new to redmine here.

I did a fresh install of Redmine and it went pretty smooth actually with the directions I followed. I logged in and created a 'Reporter' role and then a project. Created a user to test this out.

I wanted to create an issue and see what would happen but there is no button or link for me to create a issue, and I'm not sure what setting I should be enabling or disabling.

My overall objective is to set up redmine, so I can create multiple projects and have my clients submit support tickets for their projects only. They should also be able to view tickets on their project. I'm trying to take this step by step, so if I can get some guidance here, that would be a big help.

Why can't I see the 'Create new issue' button/link?