CheckList Plugin = No Redmine

Added by Jose Nuno Pinto about 3 years ago

I had redmine working fine, until today, when i decided to install the checklist plugin.

I have:
Redmine 4.0.4
Ruby 2.5.0p0

I tried to install following this steps

But when executing the command:

bundle install --without development test --no-deployment

I got this:

Installing locked Bundler version 2.0.2...
Installing the inferred bundler version (= 2.0.2) failed.
If you'd like to update to the current bundler version (1.15.1) in this project, run `bundle update --bundler`.
The error was: bundler requires Ruby version >= 2.3.0.

First i don't understand why the ruby version error, 2.3.0, i have 2.5...
Second if i type bundler -v i get the ouput saying that i'm in the Bundler version 2.0.2
Third if i try to run the bundle update --bundler, this is the output:

You must use Bundler 2 or greater with this lockfile.

I can't see how to solve this... What i can/must do?

And like i wrote, i can't access redmine now...
The error:

Could not find gem 'redmine_crm' in any of the gem sources listed in your Gemfile. (Bundler::GemNotFound)

My main priority it's to bring the redmine back online.