Url Migration Issue

Added by Jean B about 1 year ago

Hello folks!

I am trying to migrate Redmine from one URL to another.

First, I changed the host name and path on: Administration -> Settings -> General -> Host name and path

Second, I followed a post which mentioned that the best way would be updating the link directly into the database "repositories", so I basically did:
UPDATE repositories SET url='newurl', root_url='newurlroot' WHERE url='oldurl';

Third, after doing all this, when I try to access the repository on Redmine, I get the error: 404 The entry or revision was not found in the repository.

Interestingly if I go into Settings -> Repositories -> Edit and put my private login credentials, it starts working but with the old URL it used to work with blank credentials.

Fourth, I noticed that when I create a new Project with Repository, it's created using the old link.

Does anyone has any idea what might be missing? All ideas are welcome!


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RE: Url Migration Issue - Added by Jean B about 1 year ago

Problem SOLVED.

When migrating the URL don't forget:
- Check hosts file
- In the file reposman.sh, update the fields REDMINE_HOST and SVN_URL.