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Added by Егор Ковалев 8 months ago

Hello to all! I am engaged in test setup of the local server and understand the possibilities of displaying information in the list of all issues. Installed the lightbox plugin 2, it works well, but displays the thumbnails directly on the issue page, that mean to view the attached files, you need to open a issue page directly. Is there any way to display a thumbnails in the list of all issues (and it is desirable that they be clickable)?

I tried to add an image to the issue description, but it is displayed in full size, if it is possible to display thumbnails in the description, then it would be nice too.

Windows Server 2012 (no Cygwin)

Redmine version                4.0.4.devel
Ruby version 2.6.3-p62 (2019-04-16) [x64-mingw32]
Rails version 5.2.3
Database adapter SQLite3
Ruby-aware server Puma 3.12.1
Redmine plugins:
redmine_lightbox2 0.5.0
redmine_pretend 2.0.2

I apologize in advance if this topic has already been discussed earlier, or I have chosen the wrong thread of discussion, and I would be grateful if someone would tell me where to find information on the topic.

image_in_description.png - There are full-size image in description (87 KB)

mstsc_lgov9IG89a.png - There are attachements in issue list (42.9 KB)

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RE: Lightbox plugin 2 in issues page - Added by Егор Ковалев 7 months ago

It is strange that for a long period of time no one answered. I assume that the question may be asked incorrectly, or in the wrong place. I will try to write to the developer with a discussion of his ideas about the plugin, and if any result is obtained, I will write here if suddenly someone will have a similar task too.