Help to use "Computed Custom Field" plugin

Added by Richard LEHAUT over 2 years ago

I added a custom field of type "TimeEntryActivityCustomField", an Integer named "Cost". So I have a cost for each activity.

When I enter a past time (time_entries), I choose an activity. In the calculated custom field, I want
      multiply the cost of the activity by the estimated time

Can you help me? I can't get the value of the cost field of the activity.

Redmine version 4.1.0.stable
Ruby version 2.3.3-p222 (2016-11-21) [x86_64-linux-gnu]
Rails version
Environment production
Database adapter PostgreSQL
Mailer queue ActiveJob::QueueAdapters::AsyncAdapter
Mailer delivery smtp
Git 2.11.0
Redmine plugins:
computed_custom_field 1.0.7
redmine_agile 1.5.1
redmine_attachment_categories 1.0.3
redmine_checklists 3.1.16
redmine_custom_js 0.1.1
redmine_issue_dynamic_edit 0.6.9
redmine_issues_tree 0.0.14
redmine_link 0.1.0
redmine_project_themes 1.1.0
redmine_smile_togglesidebar 1.0.6

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RE: Help to use "Computed Custom Field" plugin - Added by Matteo Turra over 2 years ago

I installed this plugin, I added an integer custom field but the field is always empty (null) even with "1+1" in the formula.
No log to help in debug and the plugin is no longer maintained :-(