Import/export of data from 1C 8.3. to ТМ1

Added by Aidana Zheldybayeva 9 months ago

Good afternoon!

In connection with the transfer of 1C to hosting, the import / export of data in TM1 will stop working.
It is necessary to agree on a new exchange format between the databases. Using the previous scheme of work through an intermediate SQL database is no longer suitable. On the hosting side, you will have to allocate a separate server and license it, we have everything implemented on Linux.

We offer the following solution:
1. Exchange data through xml files (we will agree on the format)
2. On our side, we will prepare a SOAP service for sharing files for sharing without user intervention.
3. We will develop an exchange with our service for the base of Kyrgyzstan, so that all exchange will be carried out through our service.
Waiting for your suggestions and comments.

Please contact us ASAP through e-mail:. Initial e-mail in Russian language is attached.

thank you.