Adding new tabs under the redmine "home" page

Added by Mika Laitio almost 15 years ago


I am testing the latest redmine from svn and created a "production" pages like described in the documentation.
In overall I am very happy for the multi-project support, but there is couple of issues that I would like to customize but I do not yet know how.

- I would like to have some new tabs under the main page, like "generic forum", "about" and "news" for the issues which are whole site specific rather than individual project specific.
Can you give some suggestions what files I should edit for this and would I also need to make changes to sql database for this?
- I would like to support for the bouml that can generate the static HTML pages from the uml designs created with it. The generated documentation will consist from multiple files,
so uploading all of them one by one when the new version is generated is not an option. One possibility that has come to my mind is to link directly to git repository where users could commit the new versions of the documentation when ever there is need to change it. But I would like to hear the suggestions if there exist some smarter way to do this?


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RE: Adding new tabs under the redmine "home" page - Added by Thomas Lecavelier almost 15 years ago

Hi Mika,

I warmly recommend you to make such (heavy) modifications as plugins, since it's not redmine source invasive: this way, you depend very ligthly to redmine code source changes.