Why is there no setting for the change in #7017? (Add watchers from To and Cc fields in issue replies)

Added by Pete McDonnell almost 3 years ago

We just completed an upgrade from 3.4.1 to 4.1.1 and found that we were getting duplicate email notifications on new issue creation/updates. We determined it was because we were cc'ing a distribution group on the messages send to redmine. The email address for that distribution group is also the email address of a user in redmine. Each time that ticket gets updates, the assignee of the ticket as well as the user with the distribution group email address (who was added as a watcher on the ticket) were sent email notifications.

We aren't able to disable email notifications for the user with the distribution group email address for a variety of reasons.

I went looking for a setting to disable addition of users in the to/cc list as watchers, but as listed in #7017, it was an intentional decision not to add a setting! WHY WHY WHY WHY???

I had to manually back out the changes to the app/models/mail_handler.rb and will apparently need to re-implement that change going forward.

Can we PLEASE get a setting to enable/disable this? Even if this was a command line switch for mail_handler.rb that would be fantastic!