Filter for Gantt to show parent child tree for specific ticket(s)

Added by Katharina Wittmann over 2 years ago

Hello everyone,

I am trying to filter for a couple of specific displays on the Gantt chart. Could anybody help me to show the following specific displays:

- show complete parent child-tree for a specific parent ticket (1st picture: show only # 1160 plus all its subsequent children)

- show all tickets with a specific tracker that have child tickets using another specific tracker (in 2nd picture: show all tickets with tracker 'Auftrag' that have a child ticket with a tracker 'lab', but do not display the tickets with tracker 'Auftrag' that do not have a child-ticket with tracker 'lab' (don't show # 1297, # 1298, # 1038, # 1377)).

- show parent child-tree for all tickets with a specific tracker that also have a specific status and/or that are assigned to a certain person.

We use Redmine 4.0.1. I searched through the plugins available for 4.0.x but could not find a solution. Would Easy Gantt be of any help solving these problems?
Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you!

Gantt_Display.png - Picture 1 (21.5 KB)

Gantt_Display 2.png - Picture 2 (44.2 KB)