Redmine behind a reverse Proxy (Apache)

Added by Brian Town about 4 years ago

Just ran a simple setup of Redmine 4.1 and kicked it off at : Rails application starting in production on

I have another reverse running Apache2 Reverse proxy, simple setup trying to point back to the Redmine server IP:3000

#ProxyPass /redmine http://$IP:3000 retry=1 timeout=600 Keepalive=On
#ProxyPassReverse /redmine http://$IP:3000

It correctly proxies the Redmine page but its clear it doesn't load any scripts or CSS as it's just a static nasty page, clicking login or any link on that page ends up with a HTTP 404 error.

Am I missing something here? Not sure if this should be pretty straightforward and i'm just not caffeinated enough or if there is something deeper I need to look at.