Can fields be read-only AND required for specific roles? How to implement several approvals in the same status?

Added by Thorben Opfermann about 1 year ago


I'm new to redmine and I would like to implement a tracker with the following properties:
  • Anyone can submit a ticket (status "submitted")
  • The project leader has to agree
  • The quality assurance department has to agree
  • The head of engineering has to agree
  • Any developer, the author or one of the above roles can change the status to "open" but ONLY IF the three roles above already agreed
  • The rest of the workflow is not important for my problem

I added three custom fields (key/value lists) to the tracker that allow only the selection of "yes" or nothing (default) and where the three managing roles have access to their respective field (in the status "submitted"). The fields are set to be read-only for all other roles. This works so far.

My problem shows up when I want to go to the next status. I have to set these three fields as required for the roles that are allowed to change the status. At this step, anyone of them can edit the ticket, set the status to "open" and in the same turn they are allowed to edit all three fields because they are not read-only in this state.

Is it possible to somehow define a field as read-ony and required at the same time (for specific roles)? Do you have any other suggestions how to implement this workflow? I know I could just implement a new status for every approval but this would force a certain order which means if the first person would be unavailable, the other two could not approve tickets during his absence.

I am using a bitnami redmine stack (pre-installed VM) for testing purposes but I want to switch to a self-installed system as soon as I am confident that I can describe the desired processes in redmine.

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