Help with emails to submitter

Added by Gjerset Jon about 1 year ago

I just upgraded our Redmine 3.1 to 4.11. New server, new Ruby and Rails installation and new Redmine 4.1. I migrated our existing DB according to the upgrade Redmine instructions.

We use the redmine:email:receive_imap with unknown_user=create option.

The issue we're having with 4.1.1 is new accounts are being created and the tracker is being created but when an admin updates a tracker's status the email response only goes back to the assignee and not back to the submitter. We never had this issue with 3.1.1.

I eventually discovered that if I edit the user account that was created and add the user to the project (Project tab) with the role of "Employee", the emails will get sent the next time the tracker is updated.

So far, I haven't been able to find a way to automatically set the project and role for a new account, so any help there would be appreciated.

Can someone confirm that this is the correct behavior and are there any options to allow the submitter to receive status update emails when they are not a member of the project?

Thanks for your help.