Attachement Files in Body

Added by David Weve about 1 year ago


I'm working for a company, and I'm not in charge of the IT security witch cause us some issues.

Our Redmine is installed on a Azure Server (Windows server 2019), here is a print of some informations of the installation :

(I don't know how to execute this command on Windows RAILS_ENV=development script/about I did try some but without result)

My issue is the way the files are uploaded to the server when they are attached. The files are upload in the body of a request.
All the requests are analysed by a WAF, the main issue is the WAF can only analyse body of 150Ko si when we upload files on Redmine the file with lower then 150Ko, the file is upload without issue.

But when supperior to 150Ko, we have an error :

We can't modify the size allow by the WAF (limited by the WAF Application) so the only way for us to be able to attach files on issue is to modify the way of working of the application.

Does such a solution have already been used by someone or does someone know another solution?

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