Redmine integration with an external Wiki engine (e.g. XWiki)

Added by Andrei Rodionov almost 2 years ago

Hi there,

We are considering possible integration of the currently deployed Bitnami Redmine Stack (version 3.4.6 at the moment) and an external Wiki engine like XWiki.

I know there is the embedded (internal) Wiki engine inside Redmine. But there are some limitations that lead us to usage of a more advanced Wiki engine. So, the idea is the following:
  • all project and task related activities are to be performed inside Redmine;
  • all knowledge management activities are to be performed inside XWiki as an external Wiki;
  • all pages from the external Wiki must be available inside Redmine.
The questions:
  1. Is it a feasible scenario?
  2. It yes, which means could be used?
  3. Are there any existing plugins? Or a new (custom) plugin must be developed?
    I read that post but not sure it is a good solution.

Thanks in advnce.